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This is Dot!

She is a OOAK Art Doll, about 14inches tall and soft squishy body. While Dot isnt the most flexible, her small size is perfect for hugs and hiding in unexpected places! Dot is the oldest, genuine antique doll out of the three, making her the most fragile, so she's more suitable for display or careful prop usage. I found the body of this doll in an antique store, and replaced the head with my own sculpt that I then casted in soft plastic. I melted the surface of the plastic limbs to press a cracked texture onto it, and then I repainted them to match the head's paint job. Dot has a mysterious hard object that rattles in her brain, I dont remember putting something inside her head so im really not sure what it is, and she wont tell me she's very secretive. Her dress is original to her I believe, or at least this is the same dress she was wearing when I bought her, but I stained and aged it to match her vibe. She also has a baby rattle in her belly, that makes a gentle noise!

This is the first time Ive ever tried to make any sort of doll modifying and molding/casting, and so it is not perfect and the craftsmanship could be improved, but I still really love these dolls and I would love to revisit this idea in the future!