Delilah, The Spider-Eyed Puppy



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Meet Delilah 🐶✨ She is the first out of 3 new Antique Trauma Toys that will be up for adoption on April 29th at 2:00pm PST! (Next Wednesday)✨✨✨
She was rescued on June 12, 2018 and discovered within Layer 2, deep inside of a war cave. After years of rigorous rehabilitation, she has slowly but surely regained her charisma and is more than ready for a new forever-home on Earth : )
Delilah is made out of an antique puppy plush from the 50s-60s, no tag available but I believe it could possibly be handmade. Shes about 7inches tall, 8 inches in width. I have replaced the stuffing on the inside to make her a bit more soft and cuddly but she still has that firm, vintage toy feel. The music box on the underbelly arrived broken, but I fixed it and made a new handle for the missing piece. It plays “Rock-A-Bye-Baby” when wound up. Her eyes are hand blown vintage glass eyes as well! She comes with a special “Antique Toy” ear tag, and a certificate of adoption/authenticity. Delilah will go for $130 plus shipping.