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This is Cindy! She is a OOAK Art Doll, about 18inches tall, with soft-plastic limbs and a squishy, soft body. Her dress is from one of my own personal dolls, that has been stained and aged along with her. It has a few holes and tears in it, but the larger ones have been sowed back to prevent any ripping (But the vibe is like "purposefully distressed" and aged, very like "abandoned doll found on the side of the road" sorta vibe lol).

The body of this doll is from a genuine, vintage doll I bought at an antique store, and then I replaced the head with my own sculpt. I melted the surface of the premade arms and legs to press in the cracked texture, and then I painted the distressed look. I had planned to remake the limbs and arms as well, and like add extra fingers ectect, but that didn't go as smoothly in the de-molding process unfortunately lol. This is the first time Ive ever tried to make any sort of doll modifying and molding/casting, and so it is not perfect and the craftsmanship could be improved, but I still think it gets the idea across and I would love to revisit this in the future!