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This is Betsy!

She is a OOAK Art Doll, about 19inches tall, made from a genuine antique cloth doll body! Her arms are in its original state, I believe it is a composition material but I thought it was lovely with its natural cracks and airbrushed paint, so I didnt paint over the arms. The cloth body was very stained when I first bought this doll from an antique store, but that was actually what drew me to it in the first place. The love and natural aging this doll has received from whomever had it before me, can still be felt, she is a veryvery warm/friendly doll. The dress and shoes didn't come with her, she was very bare and a bit sad looking when I first saw her, she's now very happy to have a dress, socks and new shoes, although she would love to have more options, she's very into fashion : ) Oh! She also has one of those vintage baby sound makers that make noise when you bounce her up and down, it sounds like a squeaky-toy half human voice, its very interesting !

This is the first time Ive ever tried to make any sort of doll modifying and molding/casting, and so it is not perfect and the craftsmanship could be improved, but I still really love these dolls and I would love to revisit this idea in the future!