Shadow Dimension_Tummy-Tum



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For a limited time only, the Shadow dimension Tummy-tum is available for adoption! This Tummy-Tum has shades of black and grey fur with red eyes! The Shadow Dimension is where the darkest parts of our personality lives. Just like everyone has a shadow, everyone has parts of themselves that they try to push down or bottle up to protect our self-image or reputation. This is where anger, fear, guilt, shame and every negative aspect of your life exists care-free running amuck causing mischief and havoc in its realm. Its a normal part of the human experience! ☺️ But when the Shadow-self starts spilling and crossing into the real world it starts to become a problem for you and the people around you. This is why it is important to embrace, and welcome your “Shadow” self with open arms. Listen to what they have to say when they are triggered and arise during the day. They can be mischievous and brash, but they always speak from the soul. When you listen to your Shadow-self you become able to differentiate between your “real” self and your negative thoughts, and you can start to fix the issues from the root of the problem. Your Shadow-self is your friend! Balance is key 🗝 You have to listen to the ugly to be able to conquer it. I would hiiighly recommend learning about Shadow Work if this speaks to a part of you 🌞 There are tons of resources online!