Mary, The Three-Legged Lamb



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Introducing: Mary✨🐏 The three-legged, three-eyed antique lamb! She is the second toy out of 3 new Antique Trauma Toys that will be up for adoption tomorrow at 2:00pm PST!✨✨✨
She was rescued on October 22, 2019 and discovered within Layer 4. Her vessel was found being boiled alive in a large cauldron by a group of angry Demogins. Smelt horrible 🤢 After a long process of resurrection, we managed to extract the Trauma Toy from the vessel, and we were surprised to discover our first “wheeled” Trauma Toy! Now shes better than ever and ready for a new home!💕
Mary is made out of an antique Steiff lamb plush and a handmade, wheeley platformy pully thingy. I took the wheels from a antique set of toy cars and trains, so the wheels are genuinely antique as well! Her eyes are vintage handblown glass eyes too 👁👁👁 Shes about 7 inches tall and 6 inches in width, a petite friend. She comes with a special “Antique Toy” ear tag, and a certificate of adoption/authenticity. Mary will go for $180