Alice, The T.V. Doll



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Meet Alice 📺 ✨The T.V. Doll!✨ She is the last of the three antique toys coming to my shop today !
She was rescued on April 3rd, 2014 and discovered within Layer 1. Her vessel was found at the bottom of a well, lost within a vast network of sludge sewers. She's one of the friendliest Trauma Toys Ive ever met! Loves to sing and entertain : )
Alice is made out of an antique, composition doll from my personal collection and a vintage Fisher Price T.V. Music Box from the 1950s. Shes about 28inches in height, and is one of the biggest/heaviest dolls Ive ever done. I made a wooden neck joint to make the head able to twist and turn for fun poses too 🙂 The T.V. on her head is in perfect, working condition, just a little scuffed up from age. The music box transitions from "Row, row, row, your boat" to "London Bridge is Falling Down" along with sliding illustrations across the tv screen! Her dress has one tiiiiiny black marker stain on the front that had it when I bought her years ago, and I havent managed to remove it, its very stubborn. But id thought itd be important to note : ) She comes with a special “Antique Toy” ear tag, and a certificate of adoption/authenticity.